Dog Control

Daniel Draper

Phone: 607-661-7542

Licensing Information

1. ALL LICENSES ARE DUE IN JUNE To renew your dog license online please click here

2. Dogs four months and older must be licensed

3. Proof of a valid rabies vaccination is required

4. Proof of spay/neuter if applicable



Licenses Spayed/ Neutered: $6.00

Un-spayed/Un-neutered: $14.00

Adoption Fee: $15.00

Late Fee: $3.00 after August 1


Impoundment redemption fee

1st impoundment $10.00

2nd impoundment $20.00

3rd impoundment $30.00


In addition to kennel fees and any necessary veterinarian charges may apply


Penalties for violation (within a three year period)

1st violation $25.00

2nd violation $50.00

3rd violation $75.00


For information on free rabies clinics in Steuben County:


In case of an EMERGENCY ONLY and Daniel Draper is not available please contact: Randy Akins 607-776-5177